Jal Mahotsav - MPTDC - Hanuwantiya in Hanuwantiya, is a superb hotel. In Hanuwantiya, Jal Mahotsav - MPTDC - Hanuwantiya offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Jal Mahotsav - MPTDC - Hanuwantiya in Hanuwantiya for tariffs.

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Jal Mahotsav - MPTDC - Hanuwantiya

Explore the Unexplored part of MP Tourism!

With the vision of Honourable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan to make “the heart of India” known for its adventure tourism, a dream called Jal Mahotsav was born. Set up in the lap of Hanuwantiya Island besides the pristine waters of Indira Sagar Dam, the picturesque escapade here complements the joy that lies in the spirit of adventure. Flying above the sparkling waters or speeding through it, India’s one of its kind water festival is full of land, water and air adventure activities all set on one canvas called Jal Mahotsav. The festival also represents the culture of Madhya Pradesh - a culture that stands for rich skill set of its artisans, rich heritage and not to miss out, sumptuous cuisine! MP Tourism Jal Mahotsav is truly a dream for every adventure lover and a desire of every individual who seeks a holistic rejuvenation.

Here’s how the grand festival - MP Tourism Jal Mahotsav became possible. In its efforts to make Madhya Pradesh known for its adventure tourism too, MP Tourism revamped the unexplored and untouched Hanuwantiya Island and turned it into a small city in itself. A tent city city where people can rejoice and relax while at the same time be adventurous! In a small span of its inception, Jal Mahotsav has now become a very important part of Madhya Pradesh Tour packages with more and more people coming over to Madhya Pradesh to discover a completely new face of the state.

So, lose your heart and soul to the beauty of state where “The Heart of India” lies!!


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